Harbour84 was created by business travellers for business travellers. Our mission is to help you find top quality workspace while away from ‘HQ’. Your productivity and workplace wellness is our priority and we’ve done everything we can to make sure you can make the most of your business travel day!

Our approach focuses on…


The workspaces you will discover on Harbour84 are all carefully selected by our team. Your productivity is our priority, so we choose partners that offer connectivity, community and comfort in a place where you can be your best.


You can filter by style and atmosphere to match your mood, and over time our smart search will learn your preferences to deliver more bespoke results. And remember, you can always contact us directly for recommendations.


Simply log in, select your space and we’ll handle the rest, including making the booking, processing the payment and sending you an email confirmation. If you change your mind, we can amend or cancel your booking too.

Our Team

Mhorag Doig - Founder & CEO Harbour84

Mhorag Doig

Founder & CEO

Mhorag leads the overall development and commercial strategy for Harbour84. A commercial relations and executive search professional by background she has a real passion for making sure individuals have the right tools and resources to be at their best each day. 

A message from Mhorag:

“I set up Harbour84 to help business travellers like me. While managing industry partnerships for the University of Edinburgh, I was spending too many unhappy hours working away from HQ and not being as productive as I wanted to be.

I loved the buzz of business travel, but it was frustrating, too. I would waste time searching for Wi-Fi in cafes and hotel lobbies, conduct business meetings in unsuitable places and consume far too many sub-standard cappuccinos in exchange for a place to plug in my laptop. The resulting stress was negatively impacting my work as well as my wellbeing. What if there was a simple way to access the workspaces I needed, whenever and wherever I needed them? The idea for Harbour84 was born.

As well as being easy and convenient to use, I also wanted Harbour84 to be a free tool and to place wellbeing at its heart. I am proud that we promote workplace wellbeing alongside productivity, and I hope we can help you do the same.”

Jonny Tindal

Co-Founder and Head of Operations

Jonny ensures that the customer experience is at the heart of everything we do, from the selection of the spaces, to the online customer journey and right through the experience our guests have in their chosen workspace.

With a background in customer centric startups and luxury travel, Jonny has a wicked eye for detail and high standards of service, making him the perfect candidate to fine tune the operations side of Harbour84.

Aggie Bainbridge &
Stephen Forster-Brass

Design & Development

Aggie and Stephen are partners in work and life, with 20 years of experience in London design agencies between them and six years of working together, they now run their own agency BoCo.Studio.

They have worked with us at Harbour84 since day dot to develop the brand, design, UX and platform.

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